Booking A Rink


As a club member you have the right to use the green at anytime between 12 noon and dusk. When there is no one at the club the gate padlock is on, please ask the Secretary for the combination for this padlock. If there is no one at the club when you leave please put the padlock back on the gate and select a random combination.

6 “rinks” will be available subject to the agreement of the Green Manager or a member of the Green Committee.

All games, other than rollups (practice), have to be booked in the rink book which is usually situated by the telephone in the clubhouse. “Rinks” are available in three hour slots from 12 noon through to 6:00pm.

As there are many different levels of games played, some have a higher priority than others and this order of priority is fully detailed in your copy of the club rules.

In summary this is as follows :-

  1. National and County Competitions with fixed dates
  2. National and County Competitions with play by dates
  3. Arranged, or rearranged, inter club matches and club/external open competition rounds.
  4. Rollups

Monday Night Triples – Every Monday the rink book will have three “rinks” reserved for Monday Night Triples beginning at 6:00pm.

One of these “rinks” may be used for coaching and the others for bowling.

Normally these “rinks” are NOT available for any other competitions but if a higher priority game has to be played on Monday and a “rink” is not available then the member requiring a “rink” must advise the Monday Night Triples Organiser as soon as possible.