Club coach

  • We can’t promise you that you’ll become a trophy winner but our hope is to give you some knowledge and confidence which will allow you to better understand why you may not be achieving the results you want.
  • Once you gain this confidence we will endeavour to assist you to build the skill level to achieve your aims.
  • Possibly you consider yourself an experienced bowler but lack a little consistency and you want to reassure yourself that you are doing it right.
  • Sometimes the answer to a problem is in the basics.


The task of “Self-Analysis”

Back to basics, I know but it’s essential you analyse your current game and don’t adjust anything before measuring it. We want to concentrate on you as a bowler, Concentrate on skill areas and rate them out of ten.

Score high for very good, down to “Am I really that bad?”

But you will need to check the following first

• Jack grip.

• Bowl Grip – fingers along the central line.

• Identification of correct line.

• Are body, eyes and feet in line with the shoulder?

• Have you any symptoms of Jackitis (eyes on the jack)

• Backswing straight and true?

• Smooth arc down the side of the body.

• Length of step appropriate.

• Release clean with no bumping

• Follow through happens every time and is not cut off.


Measure the effectiveness out of ten bowls on each of these shots.


2.Drawing to the edge of the green within one metre

3.Drawing to an of centre jack on both sides.

4.Controlled weight taking a nominated wood out.

5.Firing / driving Bowl

6.Trailing the jack, one metre, plus, into the ditch

Anything consistently below six needs practice. Take the lowest scoring item and practise this alone until it has improved by two points.

Ask one of the Club Coaches to advise on suitable practice routines for your particular needs.

• Practise on your own.

• Make sure not to practise your faults.

• Set an objective for each practice exercise.

• Spend no more than 20 minutes for each exercise.

Practice means just that, not a fun roll up where the result is more important than the technique used

Remember Bowls is

70% Cognitive (Mental) Skills

30% Motor (Practical) Skills


“The more you practise the luckier you become”

We look forward to meeting you on the green