A Guide To general Game Etiquette


As with all games there are certain basic etiquettes to observe.

Firstly you should make sure your “dress” for the game you are playing is in accordance with club Rule 13.

When arriving (or leaving) at any green and there is/are games(s) in process and you have to walk past a “rink” being played on with someone about to bowl towards you, out of courtesy you should stop and stand still until the bowl has been released before continuing. This is to avoid disrupting the bowlers’ concentration.

Prior to a game against another club starting the skip on your “rink” will introduce his team to their opponents and a courteous handshake is offered to your opposite number. Also at the end of the game handshakes and congratulations/commiserations are given to all members of the opposition as well as your own team members.

At the beginning of each game there will usually be two “trial ends”. This is to enable all the bowlers to try out, in each direction, the “rink” they will be playing on and make initial judgements about “weight” and “line”. Each bowler, your team and the opponents, will take it in turn to deliver a bowl – leads first, then the 2’s, 3’s and skips. Each person will bowl a minimum of two bowls. After the “trial ends” have been completed the game commences.

When you are playing a game and are standing waiting for others to bowl you should remain still until the bowler has released their bowl. You should always stand behind the mat/jack length (ie between the mat/jack and the bank, but not directly behind the mat/jack).

Do not make any audible comments about any of the bowlers or their bowls as there will be times when an advantage may be gained, or lost, by a “lucky” bowl. These situations will occur in most games but have to be accepted by both sides as part of the game.

On leaving the green at the end of a game offer your opposite number a drink from the bar.

After the game, the home side should put away the equipment.