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Ladies vs Suttons (A) - 25.06.2019

Men vs Abingdon (A) - 29.06.2019

Ladies vs Farley Hill (A) - 02.07.2019

Mixed vs Prospect Park (A) - 03.07.2019

Mixed vs Farley Hill (A) - 06.07.2019

Mixed vs Oakley (A) - 07.07.2019

Ladies vs Suttons (H) - 09.07.2019

Mixed vs Thatcham (A) - 10.07.2019

Men vs Suttons (Rose Bowl) (A) - 13.07.2019

Mixed vs Shiplake (H) - 14.07.2019

Ladies vs Shiplake (H) - 16.07.2019

Tilehurst Bowling Club is affiliated to Bowls England & RCBBA.

We are always pleased to welcome new members whether beginners or experienced players. We are a friendly club, there are activities for all. Our membership covers all skill ranges, from complete beginners to established international players.

We have great facilities including catering, a well stocked bar and a large seating/dining area.

The clubhouse is open seven days a week from April to September and is also open during the winter hosting many social events including Whist and Bingo!

*******Latest News*******

Good luck to the Ladies Fours - Sandra Kemp, Wendy West, Jane Howman & Melanie Beck - in the quarter final against Maidenhead Town on the 30th June/1st Jul and to Gyae Staker and Wendy West in the Ladies Pairs against S. Thompson & M. Fielding from Wokingham.

Pat, Muriel and Julie on reaching the Last 16 of the Senior Singles

Muriel in the Last 16 of the Ladies Singels

Well done to all of the following:-

Scott, Mark H and Andy on reaching the Quarter Final of the Mens Triples being played at Suttons on the 12th of July

Andy on reaching Last 16 of the Two-Wood Singles at wantage on Saturday 22nd June

Andy in the Quarter FInal of the Champion of Champions

Scott, Mark C, Mark H and Andy on reaching the last 16 of the Mens Fours


Annual Dinner and Dance Saturday 2nd November at Calcot Hotel

For tickets contact Pat.

Latest League Results

Kennet League A vs Abingdon =12-2

Kennet League B vs Island Bohemian = 3-11


TVLL Blue vs Island Bohemian Swans = 8-2


TVLL Gold vs Palmer Park= 2-8

KLV A vs Three Mile Cross = 2-8

KLV B vs Caversham B = 4-6

KLV C vs Islanfd Bohemian B = 10-0

Latest National Results

Tony Allcock Trophy:

Tilehurst vs Royal Household = Won

Mixed Fours:

Julie, Rosemary, Gordon & Aubs vs Kim Eales & co (Maidenhead Town) = Lost

Mens Senior Pairs:

Aubs Merry & Mark Hancock vs Les West & Keith Jones = Won

Ladies Senior Pairs:

Julie Merry & Rosemary Russell vs Bet Aubrey & co (Thatcham) = Lost

Mens Top Club:

Tilehurst vs Thatcham = Lost

Mixed Fours:

Morgan, Jane, Mark & Andy vs Iain Winskill & co (Shrivenham) = Won

Mens Senior Pairs

Les West & Keith Jones vs Tony Aubrey & co (Thatcham) = Won

Aubs Merry & Mark Hancock vs David Oakes & co (Thatcham) = Won

Mens Club Two Fours:

Tilehurst vs Thatcham = Lost

Mixed Pairs:

Andy Knapper & Jane Murphy vs Roger Goodchild & co (Morland) = Won

Mixed Pairs:

Julie and Aubs Merry vs Lynn and Santo Orlando (Didcot) = Lost

(For previous rounds results click here)

Latest County Results

Mens Two Wood:

Andy Knapper vs Mitch Cooper = Lost

Ladies Senior Singles:

Julie Merry vs K. Barao (Maidenhead Town) = Won

Muriel Sadler vs E. Spencer (Bracknell) = Won

Ladies Senior Fours:

IJulie Merry & co vsP. Pearce & co (Kingston B&S) = Won

Mens Fours:

Keith Jones & co vs Neil Haines & co (Thatcham) = Lost

David Miles & co vs Derek Parsonson & co (Thatcham) = Lost

Scott Winskill & co vs Gordon Ballantyne & co (Thatcham) = Won


Mens Champion of Champion:

Andy Knapper vs Peter Hawkins (Bracknell) = Won

Mens Singles:

Aubs Merry vs  T. Mortimer (Thatcham) = Lost

Scott Winskill vs Tom Clough (Thatcham) = Won

Patrick Hulbert vs David Oakes (Thatcham) = Lost

Mark Clisby vs Bob Harries (Thatcham) = Won

Andy Knapper vs Richard Kozlowski (Thatcham) = Won

Mens Pairs:

Scott Winskill & Mark Hancock vs Richard Kozlowsi & co  (Thatcham) = Won

Andy Knapper & Ade Collins vs Derek Parsonson & co (Thatcham) = Won

Aubs Merry & Steve Gilbert vs Ray Hutt & co (Hungerford) = Won

Dave Miles & Patrick Hulbert vs Bob Harris & co (Thatcham) =  Won

Tony Partridge & co vs Jon Bennett & co (Thatcham) = Lost

Ladies Singles:

Julie Merry vs Morgan Merryweather (Island Bohemian) = Lost

Sandra Kemp vs Teresa Slark (Caversham) = Lost

Muriel Sadler vs Caroline Hitt (Suttons) = Won

(For previous round results click here)

Upcoming Fixtures:

Kennet League

Kennet League A vs Newbury (A) - 25.06.2019


Kennet League B vs Trentham A (H) - 25.06.2019

KLV A vs Caversham A (H) - 28.06.2019

KLV B vs Tilehurst C (H) - 28.06.2019

KLV C vs Tilehurst B (H) - 28.06.2019


TVLL Blue vs Maidenhead Town (H) - 27.06.2019

TVLL Gold vs Island Bohemian Cygnets (A) - 27.06.2019


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