2021 Results

KLV A Results 2021

NB: Subject to change



Home or Away


Friday 2nd July

Tilehurst B

Home 1:45pm

A team won 76-33 10pts-0pt

Thursday 8th July

Prospect Park A

Away 1:45pm

Tilehurst won 54-47  8pts - 2 pts.

Friday 16th July

Three Mile Cross A

Home 1:45pm

Tilehurst won 55-44 (8pts-2pts)

Friday 23rd July

Caversham C

Away 1:45pm

Tilehurst lost 30-48 2-8pts

Friday 30th July

Island Bohemian A

Home 1:45pm

Tilehurst won 64-33 10-0pts

Friday 6th August

Caversham A

Home 1:45pm

Friday 12th August

Caversham B

Away 1:45pm

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